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Manage calls, voicemails, business texts, and faxes—all in one place.

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Streamline communications

Save time and improve efficiency with a unified inbox for your calls, texts, and faxes.


Enjoy unmatched support

Stop waiting on hold and access local, friendly, and responsive service when you need it most.


Save money

Keep costs low so you can spend money on what matters for your company.


Work from anywhere

Easily switch between your office phone, desktop, and mobile device to make and receive calls.

Find the perfect phone number

  • ✔️ Create trust and credibility with a local area code
  • ✔️ Build a national presence with a toll-free number
  • ✔️ Enhance your marketing with a memorable vanity number

🤗 Customer Obsession

Communications bills from our competitors are often hard to understand. Hidden fees like regulatory cost recovery fees or voice network investment fees are rarely disclosed prior to signing a contract despite adding 15% to 25% in cost!

Unlike our competitors we do not hide fees or raise prices two months down the road, and our team is skilled in gathering accurate information to help you to make an informed, apples to apples comparison of phone and internet services.

When a business decides to upgrade to a system powered by Accelerate Networks we bring a skilled and knowledgeable team to the table that is adept at providing effective solutions. We act as an advocate for our clients, ensuring they have a reliable network and communications system.

✔️ Proven Success

Over the years we have come to serve grocers, law practices, mechanics, doctors and plumbers across the nation, while also contributing to the Free Software community by writing patches and documentation for the projects we use to serve our clients.

If you need great phone service for your business, call (206) 333-3341!

What People Say About Accelerate Networks

What People Say About Accelerate Networks

Accelerate Networks has not only cut our office phone bill in half but has provided stellar service from the start. Great staff and very responsive to any and all questions or requests. We didn't have to lift a finger or experience any downtime when we switched to Accelerate Networks a year ago.


Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

As a small business owner I swear by the level of service, the consistency and dedication Accelerate provides. As a small business owner who has struggled to hold on this year I can attest that no vendor has ever done more for me. Seriously. This team goes above and beyond. Highly recommend. Elbert at Expedia Cruises in Bellevue.


Elbert Stockberger

Accelerate Networks has excellent products, but more importantly, they have the BEST customer service. They really care about their clients and show this with prompt attention to all questions and then quickly working to resolve any issues. They are an extremely customer focused company and I highly recommend doing business with them.


Angela Figgins

Easily manage your business communications

All the features you need to manage your business wherever you are—at work, from home, or on the road.

Ring any device

Receive calls on your desk phone and mobile phone so you can answer anywhere.

Check voicemails at a glance

Respond to missed calls with automatic voicemail transcriptions sent straight to your email.

Respond quickly with business texts

Keep the conversation going over text messages—without giving out your personal number.

Take calls on your schedule

Configure business hours to direct calls to voicemail or a destination of your choice when the day is over.

Create custom greetings

Easily setup greetings, marketing messages, or hold music to create a custom experience.

Get faxes in your email inbox

Centralize your communications by sending faxes directly to your email inbox.

Connecting you with faster Fiber, Wireless and Wired Internet!

Help your business move faster & communicate better with quicker internet, better phones and seamless texting.

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