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DP722 Support

Lighter and thinner than the DP720 and it comes in a sleek silver? What is not to love about the DP722! Pairs with a DP750/DP752 Base Station



  • This handset and its speakerphone support wide-band & HD audio
  • Includes a Belt Clip to free up your pocket space while keeping the phone close at hand
  • Sort call history by Recent, All Calls, Missed, Inbound, Outbound, Internal or Transferred calls
  • Up to 2 extensions supported (also known as SIP accounts)
  • Encrypted connectivity ensures the privacy and security of your calls
  • New Voicemails - indicator light on the upper right corner when a message is unread
  • Wired earbuds and headsets supported
  • Long range wireless DECT goes much further than WiFi, enabling you to go hundreds of feet with perfect call quality
  • Battery life that can go the distance, with tens of hours of talk time and standby lasting weeks
  • Supported by Grandstream’s DP750 or DP752 DECT Base Station


Untether yourself from the desk and move freely and efficiently throughout the office with a DP722. Paired with Grandstream’s DP750 or DP752 base station, the DP722 offers a mobile calling solution for any business or residential user. The DP722 touts a suite of top-notch telephony features including support for 2 SIP accounts per handset, full HD audio, a 3.5mm headset jack, paging, a speakerphone and more. The Grandstream DP722 also has surprisingly good audio quality compared to other cordless phones.